4 Puzzle Pieces to Hook Your Readers

Jean's Writing

W = (Who, What, Where, and When)

Right up front give your readers what they want, information.

Show your readers an image that grabs hooks them from the beginning.

1. Who

  • Introduce your main character and make the reader care.
  • Show the reader who your characters are by their actions.
  • Make them care not only about who your MC is, but who they will become.
  • Help your readers connect with your character.


  • What’s happening to the characters, or their surroundings? (Jump right into the action.)
  • What are they thinking or saying? (Don’t censor them. When people think no one hears them, in their head.)
  • What is plausible? At least give your story some realism and believability.
  • Something interesting might happen, but for the story to hook your readers, what is happening must affect the characters.

3. Where

  • Where are your characters? Are they coming or going? (Literally or emotionally…

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4 Puzzle Pieces to Hook Your Readers

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