5 Things to Remember About Writing Fantasy



1. Fantasy is not completely made-up

Many people have the notion that fantasy comes from nowhere, that is made up and therefore has no resemblance to real life. Fantasy, like all forms of fiction comes from a variety of sources. It may include events that won’t happen in real life or may include fantasy fantasy elements but those elements are symbolic. They represent something from the real world. For example shape shifters such as werewolves can often represent difficult transitions such as going through puberty. Game of Thrones/A song of Ice and Fire is a good example here as George R R Martin (allegedly) was inspired by The War of the Roses, a war that took place place between my home county Lancashire and it’s neighbouring county Lancaster. His world includes magical elements but these elements don’t make the story feel any less real because the stories are ultimately about…

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5 Things to Remember About Writing Fantasy

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