Flash Friday – Red Handed

The Tempest and the Teapot

Rose lineup Flash Fiction

Flash Friday came – as it always does – and once again I tickled the fleshy folds of brain material to come up with a little something.  This one was fun – the image was a black&white of an older movie – for some reason, the Honeymooner’s started yelling in my head – so – what the hey – I had to write in those 2 voices.

Of course, after the fact, I came up with an alternate final line that REALLY works, so I’ve included it in this run.  Enjoy!

Red Handed

200 words

“Norman! Norman? Norman – whaddaya think you’re doing, Norman?”

Norman was, in fact, and at this very moment, in a rather compromising position with a woman who’s ring finger held a token decidedly NOT Norman’s…and it was very clear what Norman was, exactly, doing…

Equally clear was just how much the woman of the moment…

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Flash Friday – Red Handed

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