flyover state

That Girl Who Wanders

Stepping off of the gravel and into the weeds at the side of the road, she tied back her tangled mass of hair. She hit her keys to check that her car was locked and heard it honk at her as though giving its blessing for her to wander.

The first few steps were easy but then she was in waist-high weeds and had to slow as the thorns grappled at her bare calves and ankles. She smiled, remembering the long debate she’d had with herself concerning packing pants for a roadtrip in July. As it turned out, her more conservative side was right, but it hadn’t won that argument so she would deal with the scrapes and scratches later.

She made her way through the tumultuous sea of weeds, soaking in the vibrant colors of the land. The bright sky was unhindered by clouds and its vivid blue paired…

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flyover state

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