Insight: Memory 5 — Two Destroyers

Memories of a Dimanagul

zammela-lo-ressmall Zammela, Magician Extraordinaire

I did some revisions for Two Destroyers and wanted to share some of my progress in lieu of a B.O.S.S. story.   In a sharp contrast of tone to Memory Zero, this is a Zammela chapter showing the Magician Extraordinaire in her element.

Please keep in mind, this, like any of the excerpts from 2D is from a novel in progress.


Memory 05, Defiant

Zammela sat alone in a forest oasis on the Gelban plains.  She embraced the subtle ebb and flow of magical energy around her, noting how the time of day affected the place of power.  The air grew colder, nipping at her through the fabric of her robe.  Night is coming.

She opened her eyes and adjusted her eyes against the dwindling sunlight.  The sun hung low in the sky.  She had almost missed a chance to bid farewell to a close friend.

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Insight: Memory 5 — Two Destroyers

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