Kindle Readz for Youngsters


As a writer/author, I try to please everyone when it comes to books for children and teens. After all, I was once a kid and lets see, way back then, I think my favorite stories were such things as Curious George & Chicken Little and of course, those Dick and Jane books when I was learning to read. My times have changed. For today, new titles are being read on Kindles. Books for young readers and stories that make reading fun and delightful. Let’s take a look at what Sugarberry has to offer in Kindle books…and only  $2.99.

along came jelly-beanz ebook coverNyrobi_Cover_for_KindleSpring where are you Createspace.BookCoverImageHappy Home Kindle AmazonFeatured Image -- 403  More Readz for me print for amazonTalez with Tails print cover for amazonThe Race is on Print cover for Amazon

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Kindle Readz for Youngsters

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