Soul Bleeder, Chapter 4: Peria

The Golden Lands

You can read the other chapters found on my page, “Soul Bleeder”.

Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski

(Note: Peria is pronounced “PER-ee-uh”, and roll the “r” if you can)


I stand keeping watch over Joshua and Elizabeth, who are sleeping.  The night would be completely quiet, if not for the wind that howls as it runs through the boulders surrounding us, as if it is a distant echo from the werebeasts, like a once forgotten past now reawakening, stirring the fabrics of time, space, and feeling.  It would almost be a peaceful night…if it was not possessed of an unholy presence.

He is here…and I cannot tell him to go away.  I cannot defeat him with brute strength alone.  He is of the Evil One, but cannot be separated from me indefinitely while I am here upon this earth.  His voice, which sounds identical to mine, is dark and sly…

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Soul Bleeder, Chapter 4: Peria

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