Story Bibles

Ben Ezard

Story Bible: a collection of world-building information, back-story and notes to help you write a coherent and consistent story. It is a reference document of truth for the story (especially useful for multi-book series).

(That’s my humble definition, and given its 3:00am and I’ve been mostly awake since 1:30am, I apologise if it’s not the tightest).

There are two groups that writers generally fall into when it comes to story development: outliners and discovery writers. Outliners plan out the story before beginning the writing process and discovery writers start writing and then allow the characters/plot to develop organically. Outliners are like the meticulous folk who plan their landscaping first and then execute with precision; discovery writers let the garden grow and then decide on how to trim it.

There are of course varying degrees of flexibility to both of these groups: some authors will outline the plot and allow their…

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Story Bibles

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