the undiscovered writer

The stories we love best do live in us forever.

I sat alone in the corner farthest away from the rest of the children. While they skipped around the room, laughing, playing games, and talking amongst each other, I read. I read for hours, without an end in sight. I’d even get bulliedbecause I wasn’t like everyone else. But I never let it phase me. I was too lost in the magic of Harry Potter to let the muggles get me down.

All through grade school (even college), I kept my nose buried in the books and my spirits held high. Because this series, though fictional, felt more real than most of the people and things around me.

I felt as if Harry, Ron, and Hermione were my best friends. I cringed when Umbrige spoke. My heart raced everytime we were caught in the midst of an intense Quidditch match…

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