Are All Writers Introverts?

Zara Edmonds Books

Are all writers introverts? I’ve wondered that many times. I, myself, am a fairly extreme introvert. You probably wouldn’t realize so upon meeting me, because I’ve learned to adapt somewhat to the greater world and its necessary interactions. But that conversation I’m having with you? It takes some effort, and I am very relieved when it is over so I can immerse myself back in my odd little thoughts. There’s nothing wrong with you. I’m simply an internal creature.

It seems logical to me (though I am quite ready to concede I’m wrong if presented with contrary evidence) that in order for a person to write well, he must delve deep within himself to an internal place that can only be perceived amidst solitude and silence. That quietude seems available only to those who don’t often look to the outer world unless forced to do so by circumstance. Because if…

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Are All Writers Introverts?

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