Chapter 24: Becoming a Sage

Epic Fanfiction Series by Author Pedro Cristobal (The Matrix, Naruto, Attack on Titan, and more)

The first day of the sage training, Yoninke and Sarzan went there to watch and learn, but they were not the only ones present; another older monkey from the king’s elite group went with them. The new guy was wearing yellow clothes and a yellow headband. He looked odd in terms of clothing, since he was the only one out of the elite monkey ninjas that used yellow clothes.

They went to a new place that Pedro Namikaze had not seen yet. It was at a different location in the Royal Valley and in the opposite direction of the training grounds that team Namikaze used. It was closer to the limits of the Royal Valley than the training grounds and the land occupied by the Royal Tribe. It was a large open temple with no ceiling or doors; half of it was completely open to the outside. It had several…

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Chapter 24: Becoming a Sage

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