chapter 37: and it happened again

The Black Sheep Prince Novel(complete)

19 days after the explosion – duke’s villa

The staffs inside the mansion were expecting them and like the laboratory, they were treating them like important nobles instead of the crown prince. Since the prince didn’t want rumors of him leaving the palace to start spreading around, and he find it annoying the “special treatment” royals usually get, since the suck up is super extra and it’s always to get something from him.Well, since they were important guest, the staff did treat them like royalty

Still, the villa was almost big enough to be a small mansion and had 20 people working there. 10 guards, 2 chefs and 4 maids and butlers. It seems the duke have this place fully staff for parties, and when he wanted to please important guest(like the prince) since it had a lake, was pretty far from any city and the view was excellent. Besides…

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chapter 37: and it happened again

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