Frailty, thy name is ‘S&M’!


Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a work of literature that remains popular and impactful generation after generation. It is a timeless piece, or so literary ‘experts’ allege. If Hamlet is as timeless as we like to believe, how does it hold up against modern literature such as 50 Shades of Grey with its theme of sexism and abuse?

In 50 Shades of Grey, the story follows a young girl, Anastasia Steele, who ends up falling for an extremely dangerous man and landing herself in an incredibly toxic relationship. The relationship develops when Anastasia fills in for her best friend to interview 27 year old billionaire entrepreneur and owner of Grey Enterprises, Christian Grey. As Grey later explains in the book, her timid energy and introvertness came off to him as ‘Submissive’ tendencies. After their innuendo-filled interview, Grey later shows up at Anastasia’s work with some suggestive purchases such as rope and…

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Frailty, thy name is ‘S&M’!

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