Hugh Howey & Wool

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My favorite book is Wool by Hugh Howey. I read it while on vacation, lazing in a beach chair under one of those big umbrellas. There may have been mojitos.

Wool is delicious – the writing, the story, the characters, all gratifying to my brain-buds in a way that only really good books can do.

It interests me to learn how authors get their story ideas or what motivated them to write the stories down. Hugh Howey’s road to Wool had me appreciating the book even more. After all of his success with Wool (it’s getting turned into a movie!), it’s really cool how accessible he seems to be. I have a rotten habit of browsing comments on Instagram and blog posts, and I was surprised to see Hugh responding to a lot of people. Frequently, after learning personal stuff about a celebrity or author, I get a little disenchanted…

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Hugh Howey & Wool

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