Installation Four; Second Nightmare


…Your world continues to shimmer while you scream and your hair, your hands coming away bloody and scratching at your face to gouge out your eyes and the sickening images with the. But Nightmare Land doesn’t allow that, they allow the pain of the actions through but the images, sounds, and emotions stay behind, branded in your brain.

The solidify and you register cold. Behind your Grandmother’s house in the winter the houses and dogwood and willow trees dripping snow and icicles. And the creek where as a children you caught and released and fed iced over. The air is so cold that your tears freeze on your face and your pain is so intense that feel you’ll explode. You claw at your face, stripping away flesh, begging to let the pain out. You see the steam from your blood as it hits the air and freezes along with your…

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Installation Four; Second Nightmare

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