Neverwhere (Neil Gaiman)

Vespera Hiems

Have you ever started a book and realized after the first ten or so pages that you know you will love it? That is what happened to me with Neverwhere. Ever since the beginning it felt mysterious, clever, darkly funny and utterly gripping. I had to know what would happen next. I hear the story was originally written for a tv series, but it definitely works well as a novel.

The whole setup was alluring. Beneath the normal city of London, there is London Below, a place where people end up when they fall through the cracks. People who went missing, people who have no homes anymore. London Below is cruel and dangerous. It is filled with bounty hunters and body guards, terrifying creatures and ominous places of dark magic, lost or forgotten people and places. Beneath the grim and grimy surface, however, it is full of adventure. Hidden treasure, Floating…

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Neverwhere (Neil Gaiman)

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