On Temptation- John Owen (Free eBook) | Monergism

The Great Exchange

Here is an exerpt-

Why another digital edition of this book? First of all, this includes corrections to the widely used digitized version done by Ages Software.1 Second, while this is a restatement and simplification of Owen’s original work; it is not a paraphrase or condensed version. The old English wording has been updated, so that “thee” and “thou” are now “you” and “yours.” The difficult structure and syntax have been simplified. Obscure passages have been reworded as necessary to clarify his ideas – which other modernizations may have left unattended. Little-used words have been replaced with simpler ones as well. Sentences have been shortened, and in many cases split into several sentences for clarity. Parallelism has been employed to maintain rhythm and clarity. Unreferenced pronouns have been made explicit, as have “understood” words. The passive voice has been changed to active in most places. Again, this is not a…

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On Temptation- John Owen (Free eBook) | Monergism

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