Scarlet – My Thoughts #book #Meyer #wolf #lunar

memoirs of existence

Little Red Riding Hood is a hover driving, pistol concealing, vegetable farmer with a missing Grandmother; a grandmother that used to be a Military Pilot with a wealth of intriguing secrets. Is your interest pigued yet? Her ‘Wolf’ is a hot street fighter with electric green eyes, battle scars and enough secrets of his own. As sequels go Marissa Meyer is just getting better!

Scarlet is the second book in The Lunar Chronicles and continues the journey of Cinder and Prince Kai only now our focus is on Scarlet. With a missing Grandmother she is forced to turn to a stranger to aid her search. Yet the closer she gets to her finding out the truth the more lies, deceptions and history she discovers. Again Meyer has managed to produce a female lead that you love and a hero (if somewhat complicated) that you are rooting for even if maybe…

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Scarlet – My Thoughts #book #Meyer #wolf #lunar

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