This Week, Over Morning Coffee…



Here’s how I’ve been spending my time on the Internet these days:

I made this delicious coconut banana bread that my aunt introduced me to.  (I don’t know why I could taste the rum so much in mine…)

I’m so glad someone else is as obsessed as I am with Claire Underwood’s style in House of Cards.

Based on this criteria, I’m NOT Alexa Chung but we have the same birthday so we are obviously twinsies. (I wish)

Whatever Elle Macpherson is selling, I have to seriously consider buying because she’s 50!??? (What in the what how?)

This sweet story about modern high school friendship.  If this is what’s to come for Donovan’s generation, the kids really are alright.

This is a brutally honest essay on kids and marriage.  It’s worth reading… and talking about with your spouse.

I have read this column on resume virtues vs. eulogy…

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This Week, Over Morning Coffee…

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