#518 Invisible by Pete Hautman

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Invisible by Pete HautmanInvisible by Pete Hautman

A best friend can sometimes be the only thing that helps a person make it from one day to the next, especially in troubled times.

Dougie has a best friend named Andy and he lives next door. They’ve been friends for practically forever. They grew up together. They’re different in ways. Andy is on the football team and is in school plays. Dougie likes to build model railroads. He’s building a very large model railroad in his basement. He’s making a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge with match sticks. He cuts the phosphorous tip off first.

Dougie isn’t doing so well. He goes to see a psychologist every week. He doesn’t think it’s helping. He likes to look at a girl in school, a little too much. His parents say he’s talking to himself, but he’s actually talking to Andy. They talk through their open…

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#518 Invisible by Pete Hautman

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