Author Interview – Kerry Lynne

Chanel Blake Author


Hello again and welcome back to my weekly author interviews! Today I spoke with Kerry Lynne, historical fiction author and pirate enthusiasts! I had such a great time learning about The Pirate Captain Series and the work that Kerry puts into the novels. She gave some great insight on publishing and writing historical fiction.

Chanel: Good Morning Kerry! Thank you for joining me. Let’s dive right in. Tell me a bit about what you write.

Kerry: I am a historical fiction author. I currently have two published novels available which I self-published through Amazon.

C: Why did you decide to write?

K: I write because the characters wouldn’t stop talking, and they seemed to have an interesting story to tell.

C: Can you tell me a bit more about the characters that wouldn’t stop talking?

K: Cate Mackenzie and Nathan Blackthorne are two people that are heavily scarred (physically and…

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Author Interview – Kerry Lynne

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