Books. Elephant Moon – John Sweeney


elephant moonA book that caught my eye on the Amazon Kindle Store, and wouldn’t let go (and for 99p, I wasn’t going to let it) is Elephant Moon by John Sweeney.

As the Second World War rages, the Japanese Imperial Army enters Burma and the British rulers prepare to flee. But the human legacy of the British Empire will be left behind in the shape of sixty-two Anglo-Burmese children, born to local women after affairs with foreign men. Half-castes, they are not acknowledged by either side and they are to be abandoned with no one to protect them. Their teacher, Grace Collins, a young Englishwoman, refuses to join the European evacuation and instead sets out to deliver the orphans to the safety of India.

The whole blurb is longer than that, but essentially it is a tale of one woman’s quest to save a group of school children from the…

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Books. Elephant Moon – John Sweeney

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