An Intangible Thing

She stepped carefully down the street in her new high heels. Her heart fluttered like a sparrow, dipped and dove with reckless abandon. He still made her nervous after all these years. Tonight was her first time out with him since the summer. She wondered whether or not her misguided passions were shared. She spotted him further down the street, smoking outside the bar. Did he feel that tugging in his gut when he saw her? Did his breath catch when they got too close?

Yes, they had been lovers in the past, but the infatuation never seemed to fade. It lingered, always in the back of her head, snaking out between her thighs in the middle of the night, when she lets her mind wander. He was her first true lover, but what they had now was not love. This was a visceral connection. He could make her shiver…

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