Go away. I’m trying to read Ulysses.

Hard Book Habit

fraserburgh beach

So far, Ulysses is the hardest book I’ve read.  The above picture is me reading on my lunchbreak in the car, parked at Fraserburgh beach as this is not a book I can read at my desk where colleagues might dare to talk to me.

It didn’t start out that way, oh no, it lulled me into a false sense of security, having quite an accessible opening. I have a grasp of the Odyssey, I’m a grown-up, I thought I’d be fine.  I’m into volume 3, and if it weren’t for the annotations, and the internet, I would be lost. Previously, I found the mile-long sentences of Proust difficult, and found it easier to read certain sections out-loud. With Ulysses, I’m listening to the wonderful audiobook, reading along, and copying it out, and it’s still hard going.  Wait a minute, is this bit actually happening? Oh wait, Lord Tennyson…

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Go away. I’m trying to read Ulysses.

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