Making Time


Tell most people that you’ve written a book and you’ll get a reaction something like, “Oh, that’s great! I’ve always wanted to write a book.”

Some people are more serious than others. Some have stories they want to tell. A few of them have started and stopped.

A variety of things hold people back from writing. I started and stopped a hundred times before the time I started and didn’t stop. My primary roadblocks were:

– Lack of motivation. It can be hard to make the decision to write when the world has so many distractions.

– Lack of direction. I never planned out my book. In the end, that didn’t stop me, but it sure made it more difficult.

– Lack of time. I keep myself very busy. I always have. Finding time for anything outside of work, school, and music was challenging.

I overcame these obstacles largely by chance…

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Making Time

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