untamed heart & restless feet

I ran my hands across my bed hoping to touch your fingertips. I know, you are unreal! merely a reflection of the untold… a shadow of a past lurking behind the recesses of my deep seated memories. my eyes stray across the sheets to a man so vulnerable to my deceit. what have I become? I am a monster, but what I am now is merely an outcome of his own doing, that man that stained my very soul. Breathing heavily I desire that which is not attainable, a dream so impossible.

6:30am The streaks of sunlight are blinding me. Time to succumb to reality, dreams are long gone and now I have to go about the life that I am living. Good Morning honey! Breakfast in bed? there he stood beaming with love and affection, (is it really love? for only a year ago and this scene is reversed……

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