My Granny And Me

A Light In The Darkness

Me & Granny Me & Granny

At the moment we are in Essex staying with my Great Granny, who has just had a hip replacement. We are cooking and cleaning for her, chatting with her and just hanging out. While we’re here we’ve been doing things differently than when we usually visit, normally granny does everything for us and spoils us. Now we are doing things to help her.

We have to be more helpful and do more jobs. We have to be considerate, which means knowing when to be a bit quieter and when to have a nice long chat. We’re being more thoughtful, we do things for granny, like little jobs, without being asked. All these things are good, it’s important that we don’t always think of ourselves. Being here with granny is a chance to show her how much she means to us all.

Hanging out with granny is really…

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My Granny And Me

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