written tale

The waves gently lapped at the shore, shearing away a new shape each time on the sands. The bleak horizon was lit solely by the lonely moon, trying it’s best to awaken the stars around. Dark clouds hovered above the sea, making twilight apparitions on its surface. A crab scuttled along the gullies, going home to its lover. Even that petty creature had found love in the most hostile of conditions. hen why was I ditched? Was I not worthy enough? Burdened , I got up from the rocky crevasse , grimly happy at the thought that there was one place that could provide me solace, though for just one night. With that I found my way to hog’s breathe , the best pub around here, with the hottest chicks in town. Not that I cared. I went there for the vodka, the only drink potent enough to drown me…

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