Review Format

In order to dive right in to Friday’s review of My Sergei, I figure that it’ll help all of us if I outline how I’m going to structure my reviews ahead of time that way you can get right to reading, knowing what to expect. After all, the site’s tagline is “Read. Rant. Review.” for a reason.

The first part of any review will be the “Read” part. That’s where I’ll give the technical specs (if you will) of the book – title, edition, page numbers, etc. I’ll also have an info-graphic of some sort with a mini review; just a 4 out of 5 stars or something like that, that way, you’ll know if you’re diving into a happy rant or an angry one.

The second part of the review will be the “Rant” section. That’s where I’ll let loose with my emotional reaction to the book. That’s…

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Review Format

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