Riding the wave…


This blog is about creativity. So, I try not to write about day to day issues; problems; everyday life, irritations, complaints, etc. They exist. They are there. But the blog is about living a creative life and trying to fulfill my…destiny.

I believe I was put on this Earth to do this. Somehow, all these projects, all of this work, will all add together and synergize and…live its function. I have to believe that I will fulfill my purpose here, otherwise…what has this all been for?

It ain’t easy. I don’t blog about the lows; the problems; the depression side of bipolar tendencies; the heartaches; the people who knock you down, etc.

But, when the opposite happens, something that can only be described as a gift from Above, divine intervention, Fate, the universe…

I still can’t believe things have unfolded as they have the last month.

Because…something has happened that…

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Riding the wave…

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