Ten of my favourite bookshops

What I've read lately

I don’t tend to deviate much from my review posts on this blog, but I’ve spent quite a lot of time browsing bookshops for Christmas presents this week, and it got me thinking. The books I’ve chosen for family and friends are often titles I didn’t know existed until I picked them up in a shop and flicked through them. I enjoy the act of browsing and deciding what to read, but really the best thing I find about shopping in real live bookshops is that it makes me much more open to new authors, styles or topics that I wouldn’t have picked otherwise. My choice of reading material is much broader as a result of shopping in bookshops, rather than relying on word of mouth or online algorithm-based ‘recommendations’.

This week, between browsing, a mental list of my favourite bookshops has been growing in my head, and I wanted to…

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Ten of my favourite bookshops

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