The Way To My Heart By A.S. Townes


This modern romantic and erotic coming of age story follows Kelly, a girl with a hidden past who’s precociousness, rebelliousness, emotional disillusionment and fragile nature can bring out things she may want to keep inside. Being in her early twenties, Kelly is trying to figure out life and love in the big city of New Ville. She is now forced to finally come into her own being; whether through sexual exploration or abandoning a world of rules and judgment.

Follow the ongoing romance, drama and stirring passionate love affairs and see what becomes of this elusive girl in this three book series titled “Numb”. The first book “The Way To My Heart” is a familiar but original world of becoming and letting go. It is followed by the enticing and dramatic second novel “Almost There”, and finished in the series by the jarring and unhinged finale “Hold Me Now”.


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The Way To My Heart By A.S. Townes

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