When You Haven’t Really Lived

Things To Do Before I Die

I’m sure at some point we’ve all had that point in our lives where we sit back and think “Man, what have I really done with my life?”.

Of course you probably haven’t if you’re insanely rich or live life to the fullest each day, but the author of this post right now is not either of those things, although for the former he wishes very much he was, and the latter he really should be. There are gaping holes in the web of his human experience that should be patched up with some things he really should have done a while ago, be it read a book everyone else has read, watch a movie everyone has raved about, or even just listened to an album that everyone else has long since forgotten.

So that’s what lead to me finding out about the 1001 Series – a series of books…

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When You Haven’t Really Lived

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