Bitch Planet #4: A Closer Reading Part 1

The Dinglehopper

Bitchplanet04In Bitch Planet Issue 4, Kelly Sue DeConnick is back together with artist Valentine De Landro to pick back up the main storyline of Kamau and the forming of the Bitch Planet Megaton team. I do hope they make athletic jerseys for us fans. Spoilers ahead for the first handful of pages. If you haven’t read the issue yet, get on that!

Page 1

The issue kicks off at, Megaton star, Ricky Fontenot’s funeral. World-building aspects include a floating, glowing capsule like a giant pill that apparently holds Ricky’s remains. Two floating purple balls hover over the proceedings, perhaps cameras recording the event for the Feed. The priest commends Ricky back to the Universal Mother but urges the living to work through the pain of loss to gain our Father’s grace.

The similarities in Christian beliefs of a Father God and the government set-up of the Fathers council are highlighted through the funeral proceedings…

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Bitch Planet #4: A Closer Reading Part 1

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