Prologues – Help or Hindrance?

From Story To Book

I like prologues. I know it’s not a fashionable thing to say, but personally I’m disappointed if a book doesn’t have one. It’s like going out for a meal but skipping the starter, it doesn’t feel right.

From what I’ve read over the last few weeks however, I seem to be in a minority. I know they are more acceptable in certain genres but I’ve read a number of blogs/writing sites that either warn you off using them completely or else advise their use with caution.

One of the main reasons seems to be that they are out of favour with agents and publishers, but what if you plan to self-publish? Can / should you use them then?

Examples of the sites I have read (that have opposing views) include standoutbooks where the author feels that prologues can act as an anti-hook, purposefully distancing the reader from the story. They…

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Prologues – Help or Hindrance?

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